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4 things that attract termites to your home

Ok so you wood have to be pretty dense to knot know that termites like dead trees (sorry for those puns…) but you are forgiven if you are unaware that there are a number of other things that can attract termites to your home. Wait a minute, you ask, you mean to tell me that there are other things I need to worry about? Yes, yes there are. In fact, we are going to outline 4 other things that attract termites to your home. So read on to find out (and we promise no more rotten wood puns.)


Right, so of all the other things this has to be the most important. To explain why moisture is so attractive we need to give you a quick rundown on termite physiology. See termites need to live in moist environments, they dry out and die very quickly if they are not in a humid space. That may make you ask how they live in deserts. Well they actually are never exposed to the desert air but live in environmentally controlled mounds. For homeowners, this piece of knowledge means that you need to ensure that you do not have any leaks or excess moisture in your home. On the outside you need to ensure that there is no leaking hot water systems or air conditioners or dripping taps.


Now this is not as obvious as moisture.  They love the darkness as it helps to hide them from predators (and almost all termites are blind anyway). The issue here is that obviously you are not going to light up all the cavities in your home to try and prevent termites, but what you need to take from this is that you are unlikely (read not at all likely) to see a termite out in the daylight other than the winged allete (which is the reproductive scout sent to find a new food source).

Cellulose (Plant Based Material)

Right, so you might be saying, hang on, you said you were not going to talk about wood, but we are not. Cellulose can be turned into many many things, including paper, wall paper, books and loads of other things.


Another thing that termites love is warmth. They actually cannot survive in low temperatures and will die very quickly. Again we are not telling you that you need to make your house really cold but just that if your home is always warm (as in you live in a warm place and do not use AC at all) then you need to be extra weary of termites.

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