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The termite’s triple symbiosis

We all know that termites eat wood but few really understand the mechanics behind this very impressive feat. Impressive feat, you may say. Well aside from being extremely problematic for us humans, who have chosen to Read more >

How long have humans had to cohabit with termites?

We have all had to share our homes with a range of different house mates, from brothers and sisters to university friends, from old buddies to randoms we have never met before. The funny thing is Read more >

5 ways to guard your home against termites

Termites cost this country many millions of dollars each and every year. In fact, it is estimated that they cost more than all of the storm, flood and fire damage combined! That is a hefty price Read more >

The tools of the trade in termite inspections

Getting a termite inspection done is a prudent move when you are buying a home, it is also the first diagnostic tool anyone who suspects their home is infested should use. The reality is that it Read more >

I see sawdust, do I have termites?

One of the big issues with termite infestations is that they can be very hard to spot. The professionals have to use a huge arsenal of gear to make sure that their analyses are correct, from Read more >

What’s the difference between water and termite damage to wood?

Knowing the difference between water damage and termite damage is vital. Sadly many home owners confuse the impact of water and termites on the wood of their home. The reality is that the damage does look Read more >

How can you fix termite damage?

Hopefully it never comes to this and if you have all the right preventative measures in place it won’t… but for some people it will be a sad necessity. Fixing the damage that termites have done Read more >

Study shows termites are much more different to ants than we previously thought

We have called them white ants for a long time, but as scientists have shown us, the termite and the ant are nowhere near as closely related as we have so long thought. It is not Read more >

5 steps to identify a termite

Knowing what your enemy looks like is always a good idea. It really helps to be able to identify them as then you are able to target them effectively. One of your big enemies, even if Read more >

Termites feed each other in the worst way possible

You would have thought that eating wood was the grossest thing that termites did, but no. There is much, much, much worse. Here is a word for you: Trophallaxis. It is a kind of gross sounding Read more >