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Are termites active in winter?

This is a common myth, or should we say misconception. See the thing is that termites do sometimes slow down and even stop during the winter, but that is because it gets too cold for them. Read more >

How does Eflex termite warranty work?

So you have made the right decision, you have chosen to use an Eflex product to protect your home from the ravages of termites. Not only do you get the very best protection possible you also Read more >

What should I look for in a termite warranty?

Did you know that virtually no insurance policy in Australia covers for termite damage? Well, it is a fact. And there is a good reason for this lack of cover. It is not a reassuring reason Read more >

Lessons in cultivation from the termite

We humans think we have got this agriculture thing pretty well sorted, and to be honest we are not doing too badly. Only a few decades ago many were predicting that the Earth’s population would soon Read more >

What doesn’t an Eflex termite warranty cover?

Termites are able to destroy a building in several years and to even a vigorous amateur inspection this damage may go unnoticed until it is too late. Termites eat from the inside out, meaning that they Read more >

Are termite warranties worth it?

The question is are termite warranties worth it. Well, it all depends on your perspective in life. If you are someone who would rather gamble with your future security then maybe not, but if you are Read more >

What is the Eflex million dollar warranty?

Australia, did you know that left unprotected your home has a one in three chance of being infested by termites over its lifetime? According to a CSIRO study, those are the odds and they are not Read more >

How do you locate a termite Queen?

You can kill 1.99999999 million termites in a subterranean termite colony but if you do not kill the queen (and the king!) then you may as well have not bothered. The reason for this is that Read more >

What are my responsibilities with an Eflex termite warranty?

There are many great things about Australia, we have an incredible country – a stunning environment and an incredible climate are two of the many things that make this a great place to live. However, along Read more >

Do I need a termite warranty?

Do you need a termite warranty? Well the short answer is yes! But you may need a little bit more persuading than that so here goes. Let’s start by way of analogy, though admittedly it is Read more >