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What’s the best way to detect termites?

Knowing you have a problem is one of the first steps to taking care of the problem. However, when you have termites that is actually easier said than done. See the issue with these house eating Read more >

Could termites be the solution to livestock feed shortages?

Termites may seem like just a problem, but there are a surprisingly huge number of ways that they are also a part of the solution. Really, you may ask? And to be fair, you would be Read more >

How did termites originally migrate to Australia?

Originally from a small part of the world, this species have colonised the entire planet. They live in multitudes on every single continent other than Antarctica, dwelling in huge colonies that have millions of inhabitants that Read more >

A list of Australian termite species

Here in the golden land we have a lot of amazing things to be thankful for, we have incredible weather, stunning beaches and a tonne of space. But we also have a few nasties that we Read more >

How to termites ‘grow’ their mounds?

The termite mound is an impressive structure, especially when you consider how tiny an individual termite is. They can tower many metres into the air and, like an iceberg, the majority of them actually lie beneath Read more >

Could our next antibiotic be made of termite poop?

You may have heard that we are heading towards a post-antibiotic world, one where even the most simple infection could kill us. Bacteria is becoming immune to the antibiotics. As more and more bacteria become resistant Read more >

The many ways that termites may end up saving humanity

No, that is not a typo. Termites are not often promoted as being anything but home wreckers, which is not really that surprising considering they cost this country (and in turn you) hundreds of millions of Read more >

Do termites have unique personalities?

Ummm no may be your first response to this question and on the face of it, it does seem somewhat silly but hear us out. First we need to explain that the closest relative of the Read more >

The termite’s collective intelligence

A lone termite is not smart but termites are never on their own. They live in colonies that can number in the millions and all of those individuals together can actually produce some amazing structures that Read more >

How termites engineer the earth around them

Generally when you think of African animals you think of all the famous ones, lions, elephants, giraffes and hippos, but while these are the iconic animals of the continent they are not the major drivers of Read more >