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The tiny factor that could prevent your home going unconditional

The average termite is only a few millimetres long, yet it (and its several million brethren!) could stop your home going through, leaving you in the lurch. You see, the problem is that although you may Read more >

Termite queen decides which eggs will be sexual or asexual

Often people freak out when the realise that the termite colony that is attacking their home is made up of millions of individuals, they do the calculations and imagine that with half the population being females Read more >

Termites, methane farts and global warming

If you have read anything on global warming, and no doubt you will have, then you have probably read all about carbon dioxide or CO2. However, while this is the most commonly fretted upon form of Read more >

Global hit DJ Avicii has a big termite problem

You wouldn’t think that one of the biggest DJs in the world today (and we mean his popularity, not his size!) would have anything to do with termites. In fact, you might even think that someone Read more >

Forest logging and palm oil plantations are affecting termites, and ultimately us

So you do not have to be a genius to work out that the whole world is connected. That if one thing changes it will often have a cascade effect where it impacts a whole range Read more >

How can I protect my home from termites?

Did you know that on average one in three houses in Australia will be infested by termites? Now you do, so if you want to ensure that you do not become one of these unfortunate Aussies Read more >

What are the inner workings of a termite?

Termites… they are increasingly becoming one of the worst pests this country has. As the droughts increase, as the native forests reduce, they encroach further and further into our towns and cities. More and more Australian Read more >

The mysteries of termite mound ventilation have been solved

There are many marvellous feats of engineering on this earth, from the Golden Gate bridge to the Sydney Opera House, from the Empire State building to the Taj Mahal. However, we are not the only creatures Read more >

How bad is termite damage in Australia?

Do you really want to know how bad termite damage is in Australia? Ok, well you asked. Here goes. It is bad. Real bad. How bad? Well the majority of mainland Australia is classified as being Read more >

Termites live well by exchanging gases

Generally speaking if someone you know is ‘exchanging gases’ it is definitely NOT a good thing. However, for the termite it is, in fact it is critical to the good life. But before you go imaging Read more >