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New South Wales Termite Management

New South Wales has a virulent termite problem, it is something that we as Australians all suffer from and it is an issue that we need to take care of. Termites will negatively affect one in Read more >

How To Tell If You Have Termites

Termite infestations are incredibly damaging and can be extremely costly if left too long. The best time to catch an infestation is right at the start, before the termites have done any damage to the building. Read more >

Eggs and Nymph Termites

Termites are, aside from being highly destructive, interesting creatures. Every single one of the several million termites in individual colonies will have been laid by a single queen. The queen will lay up to 2000 eggs Read more >

Dangers Of Letting Termites Take Over

Termites are tenacious pests. Once they take over a house they are hard to get rid of and the damage they do is significant. Termites eat wood, or rather, they eat the cellulose that wood is Read more >

ACT Termite Management

There are a number of serious threats to Australia, many that we are all aware of. One that most people are aware of, but do not realise the potential consequences of, is termites. Termites cost the Read more >

South Australia Termite Management

Recent surveys have shown that up to a third of all buildings in South Australia have been affected by termites. This is a shocking statistic, all the more so because there are now numerous ways of Read more >

Queen and King Termites

Termites are one of the few insects that are considered a superorganism. Simply put, a superorganism is a colony, hive or other large conglomeration of individuals from a single species that sacrifice their own personal wellbeing Read more >

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