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Can termite mounds help predict droughts?

You wouldn’t think that termite mounds are much good to anybody right? WRONG! In fact, there is a huge list of ways in which these mounds are actually incredibly helpful. The most obvious is that without Read more >

Termites always seek a comfortable environment to operate

You might have a narrow comfort zone but it hasn’t got anything on that of the termite. Sure they may be globe conquering insects whose biomass weighs five times that of humanity (yes, just drink that Read more >

Are termites good for politics? Victorian Labor Party is banking on it

You probably do not have a particularly good opinion of politicians. In fact, politicians just about always score right at the bottom when it comes to perception. Aussie politicians are not a well loved bunch… which Read more >

Termites live well by exchanging gases

Generally speaking if someone you know is ‘exchanging gases’ it is definitely NOT a good thing. However, for the termite it is, in fact it is critical to the good life. But before you go imaging Read more >

You can knock a termite down, but they’ll always rebuild

Ok, you may not like termites, but you should at least admire them. You may wonder what there is to admire about termites, but then that just shows that you do not know much about them. Read more >

Autothysis: termite suicide bombers

The suicide bomber seems like a particularly human nightmare. What other species would be willing to strap an explosive device onto themselves before heading out to detonate it, killing themselves and their enemies in the process? Read more >

The happy, then not so happy, life of a termite queen

You’d think that being queen would be great… and it is, for a bit anyway. Then things really start to get you down. The life of royalty gets progressively worse as time goes by, termite royalty Read more >

Termites have sloppy, wet kisses

So you probably do not think of termites as the kissing kind but in fact the termite mound is packed with kissing. Alright, it may not be kissing in the same sense as the human kind Read more >

Termites are so advanced, they utilise collective thinking

You might not think that termites are very advanced… in fact, you might have a far worse opinion of them than being backward, but in fact, they are quite incredible creatures once you get past the Read more >

How termite activity makes soil better

Soil may not seem like much, just a pile of dirt, but in fact it is an incredibly rich and complex composite that is nearly impossible to replicate. NASA, amongst many, have been looking into how Read more >