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Termite poo has antibiotic properties… so take one termite poop and call me in the morning?

You probably already know that we are heading towards a disaster of epic proportions. No, we are not talking about the environment. And no, we are not talking about an asteroid crashing into the planet. And Read more >

How dogs are saving our power poles from termites

While most of the focus is on the destruction of people’s homes, these are not the only thing that gets destroyed by these virulent pests. In fact, the nation’s power poles take a hammering as well. Read more >

Could termites help us get enough iron?

Do you have enough iron in your diet? No? Then maybe you need to eat some termite mound… Ok, maybe you would rather just have some supplements instead but back before we had a ready source Read more >

Just how much do termite attacks cost us?

It is no secret that Australia is a country ravaged by storms and floods, and is scorched by frequently by fires. Each and every year these natural disasters cost our country millions of dollars. However, while Read more >

How termites compost their own fungal farms

Once you get beyond the fact that termites eat our homes… which we admit is a pretty huge fact… you may come to have a new appreciation for these insects. They are, the more you look Read more >

Why we rely on termites for our own survival

So if you were given the choice right now to wipe all termites from the face of the planet you very well might. If we were to place a giant red button in front of you Read more >

How vulnerable is your house to termites?

This is a question that every single home owner in Australia should ask on a regular basis. We have some of the highest rates of termite infestation in the developed world and the figures are going Read more >

Could the termite genome sequencing lead to greener treatments?

Just because we want to get rid of termites in our home does not mean we want to destroy the planet as well. In the past few decades there has been a growing realisation that pest Read more >

Termites and damage to Australian power poles

Most of the time when you hear about termite damage it is to homes. This is hardly surprising considering that they cause many millions of dollars of damage to our houses each and every year. You Read more >

Why termites can outlast extermination attempts

There are a huge number of scientists at work studying termites. Aside from being one of the most prolific, complex and successful species of insects on the planet there is also a huge amount of funding Read more >