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How termite mounds are used as geochemical tools

Most of the time termites are referred to as a pest, but we bet you would not think of them that way if they helped you find gold! Sure that may sound farfetched, but in fact Read more >

The makeup of the termite labial gland secretion

Let’s clear this up right now, the labial glands are saliva glands in the mouth of the termite! Phew, now that we have that out of the way we can tell you what they do. The Read more >

The medicinal and nutritional value of termite mounds

You may have read this headline in horror… one word would have stood out as particularly gross. The ‘nutritional’ value of termite mounds is probably not something you have considered before, but while termites are seen Read more >

Why some woods are more immune to termites than others

Not all wood is the same. That is pretty obvious just to casual inspection. It is not really that surprising then to learn that termites prefer some woods over others. In fact, it would be surprising Read more >

Termite hygiene techniques

There are new studies on how to control and eradicate termites appearing all the time. Some will eventually become commercialised whilst many will simply disappear. It is hard to tell which ones will rise and which Read more >

How termites determine which termite eats what in the nest

Now anyone who grew up in a big family knows that the more mouths you have around the table the more fighting there is about food. This is true even in a family with three or Read more >

The average termite damage statistics in NSW

When you actually see the termite statistics for Australia you realise why these pests are described as one of the country’s biggest natural threats. Here in NSW many people believe that because the threat is not Read more >

What are termite balls?

No, they are not what you are thinking… A few years ago a scientist named Kenji Matsuura found these tiny, round, hard egg shaped fungal forms inside termite colonies. This intrigued him, as it would any Read more >

Termite soldiers, evolved to defend.

Humans have mastered the art of war over our many centuries but we are not the only species that takes waging battle seriously. The termite even has a caste that has been specially evolved for fighting. Read more >

Buying and selling a house (that has had a termite infestation)

The real estate market is one that experiences many fluctuations, from bubbles to booms, from government regulations to international crises, there are many factors that go into the price of real estate. One of the most Read more >