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All about the termite mound

The termite mound has to be one of the most impressive constructions in nature. Few other animals make such imposing creations and none that are as small as the termite make something so big. Termites move Read more >

Termite facts

The termite. Most people really only know that they eat wood. Beyond that, they may understand that there are different castes, but few know any more than this. The termite is actually a fascinating species, one Read more >

4 things that attract termites to your home

Ok so you wood have to be pretty dense to knot know that termites like dead trees (sorry for those puns…) but you are forgiven if you are unaware that there are a number of other Read more >

The most awesome soldiers in the world

The human race is a violent one, we are almost always fighting. The history of the world is one of conflict. If you look around the globe at any one time there will be some kind Read more >

How termites act together as a super organism

What is a super organism, you may ask. Yes, as in animal. And before all of you start imaging an animal that has the ability to leap of tall buildings, wears a cape and has an Read more >

Types of termite nest

There are several thousand sub species of termites. As one of the most successful species of insect on the planet, one that has been around for several hundred million years, it is hardly surprising that there Read more >

Termite predators

So termites predate on your home, but surely there are predators out there that target termites? Ants. Let’s start with the most common one. Ants are the termite’s nemesis. They have been locked in mortal combat Read more >

What features make up a termite?

The termite. A tiny insect that can pack a punch. On its own a termite is insignificant but when they act in concert they are a mighty force. Several million termites infesting a building can do Read more >

The termite superswarm threat in US

We have got it pretty bad termite-wise here in the great land of Oz, but naturally if there is going to be one place in the world that does it bigger and better (or worser really Read more >

3 ways termites make life better

So we don’t need to list the one way that termites make your life worse, we all know that a termite infestation in a building can be a death sentence, turning an asset into a financial Read more >