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Termites know the exact direction to flee from danger

Termites, like those other eusocial insects like bees and ants, are an interesting mix of seemingly smart yet somehow stupid at the same time. The contradiction comes from the fact that on their own the termite Read more >

How termites build mounds

The termite mound is a marvel of engineering. Even for contemporary humans, whose buildings tower into the sky, the termite mound is still something to puzzle over. There are many mysteries tied up in the mound, Read more >

What are signs of termites in a house?

For most Australians the family home is the single biggest asset they will ever own. That is why you have insurance for your home, in case something happens that damages that asset. Insurance covers almost everything, Read more >

Termite numbers could explode with global warming

You probably think that you have heard everything bad there is to hear about global warming, right? Wrong! Not only are our homes threatened by rising waters caused by the planet heating up but they will Read more >

The cost of termites in Australia

We know that the storms, fires and floods our country experience every year cost us millions of dollars but did you know that these are dwarfed by the cost of termite damage? Yes, the cost of Read more >

5 steps to identify a termite

Knowing what your enemy looks like is always a good idea. It really helps to be able to identify them as then you are able to target them effectively. One of your big enemies, even if Read more >

Turns out, termites aren’t responsible for African fairy circles after all

So a while back there was a bit of a hoopla about these African fairy circles, with many believing that they had been caused by termites. These strange and ever puzzling arcs of earth that  have Read more >

The lowdown on Australian termite damage

Termites are a serious problem here in Australia, of that there can be no doubt. In fact our country is so prone that the majority of the mainland is classified as high to extreme risk. The Read more >