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The only products we trust.

If you’re going to offer one million dollars’ worth of cover for $38.50, you’d want to be very sure of your products.

We are. In fact our complete range of termite treatments are so advanced and efficacious, we’re supremely confident. Following are our proven products, developed, tested and manufactured in Australia for Australia’s tough conditions.


Biflex termite treatment creates an invisible treated zone around your home giving you total peace of mind. With the proven natural power of pyrethrum, Biflex contains the active ingredient bifenthrin. It works quickly to kill active termites, and also creates an invisible protective zone that completely surrounds your home and can keep termites at bay for years. Safe to use in homes with children and pets, Biflex is a proven environmentally-friendly product that has passed the test of time.

Now available: Biflex Ultra Lo Odour and Biflex AquaMax

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Radiate is a highly effective, soil-based termiticide incorporating the active ingredient fipronil.

Radiate doesn’t repel, it radiates out targeting the nest. Unlike some treatments that just repel termites, Radiate’s non repellent nature does not lock termites within its treated area to do more damage. Termites move freely through the treated soil increasing their ‘deadly’ exposure to Radiate. Termites cannot detect Radiate and they will transfer its lethal dose back to the nest before dying themselves.

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Relay is a non-repellent termiticide. Its active ingredient imidacloprid has over 10 years of proven performance in the market place. Applied to soil as a diluted, water-based solution Relay stands between the termite nest and the perimeter of your home.

Instantly binding with the soil it lays in wait for the inevitable contact with the termite. By ingesting or even coming into contact with the undetectable Relay as they tunnel through the soil they ‘relay’ it back to the colony. Through social interaction and cannibalism, it won’t be long before the entire colony is eradicated.

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Excel is a highly advanced, scientifically proven bait that will eliminate the entire termite colony in a non-invasive and environmentally responsible manner. Containing a registered Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), termites devour the bait, die and are in turn eaten by an ever-decreasing number of termites until no more remain. The most reliable and truly measureable means of achieving total colony elimination, Excel poses no threat to you, your family, employees or pets.

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HomeGuard Precision Treatment Management System prevents concealed entry by termites into your home. Australian-made HomeGuard creates a physical and chemical zone proven to block, repel and kill subterranean termites. And what’s more, it will go on stopping, repelling and killing subterranean termites for the long term.

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