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The Truth About Termites

Termites are interesting creatures. While they are one of the most damaging pests in Australia, they also fulfil a vital role in our ecosystem. As one of the major recyclers of dead wood, they ensure that all the materials are returned back to the ecosystem ready for use again. Without them, the ecosystem would grind to a halt and dead trees wouldn’t be broken down to their constituent parts. Unfortunately, humans cut down, move and then build with termites main food source. By clear felling forests and taking all the trees away, the termites have no choice but to move where the food is, our homes.

This is cold comfort for people with a serious termite infestation, but it is important to remember that the reason we see them as pests is also the reason they are vital to the overall functioning of the planet’s ecosystem.

However, the truth remains undeniable, we need termites even if we hate what they do to our homes. Not only that, we are in large partly responsible for the current situation, as we have removed their main food source and used it to build our homes.

Next time you lay down termicide, remember that even though termites are a pest, they are also vital to our world.

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